Shop talk on "intricately managed miracles" and early-stage subculture edited by four professionals in the throes of growing and funding early-to-mid stage tech companies.  For bios and other goodness click here.

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I Can Haz EarlyStager

With great excitement - and a mere four months and several bottles of wine beyond our Feb 15 initial target launch date - we bring EarlyStager to life!

To introduce ourselves - we are Beth Ferreira, Emily Hickey, Alexis Juneja, and Sarah Tavel - from Etsy, Tracked.com/Hashable, Curbed, and Bessemer Venture Partners, respectively.

We've collectively been working on early-to-mid stage internet companies for several years now, from various sides of the ecosystem.

Our intentions with this blog are both to revel in the early-stage subculture and to talk some shop re: the "intricately managed miracle" of trying to build a hit start-up. You can read more about our intentions here.

We'd also like to take a second to give a big thank you to Charlie O'Donnell for introducing us. Charlie does a lot very visibly but he also works behind the scenes to try to pull the community together - muchas gracias!

And that's it for the ice-breaker!

Team EarlyStager

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